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Discover the widest range of extracts and edibles in Missouri: full-spectrum edibles, cartridges, pre-rolls and concentrates scientifically cultivated to enhance every experience, whether you’re an experienced user or it’s your very first time.
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3fifteen Primo

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Swade (Delmar, Cherokee, Ellisville, St. Peters)



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Blue Sage

Easy Mountain




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3fifteen Primo



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dream with me

This guided sleep meditation helps keep mellow your mindset into a deep sleep, and pairs perfectly with Vivid Dream Capsules.

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How Show-Me Organics is Driving Innovation in the Midwest

When Bostom Dickerson talks about his cannabis brand, the family company born from a history of operating local pharmacies in the local Kansas city area...

Women to Watch: Amanda Henderson

Amanda Henderson is a lover of life experiences and an EDS Zebra. Henderson was born with a rare, genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Amanda shared that EDS defines a lot of who she is and was her path to finding cannabis. EDS presents as a spectrum; for her, as a progressively debilitating disability.

Reframing the cannabis retail experience

GreenFrame and Show-Me Organics have partnered to elevate the cannabis shopping experience with a new digital tool that features 3-D images of flower, information about genetics, and a personal note from the grower. The tool, GreenFrame, will feature the Vivid and Buoyant Bob’s strains available throughout the state.

How a St. Louis entrepreneur is making cannabis shopping easier

The West pioneered the cannabis industry, and ever since, states and companies attempting to break into the space have looked to established western markets as templates for success.

Science-driven approach. People-first mission. 

We believe cannabis is an amazing plant—one that can contribute to the physical and mental health of Missourians. We also believe Missouri is an amazing place—to cultivate cannabis, and innovative ideas around it. Every product we produce meets a high standard for cannabis extracts that we want to consume ourselves. Vivid is bringing the best ideas in horticulture, biochemistry and medicine to make life better for our neighbors. We can’t wait to see what pops up next. 

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